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There Is Nothing Positive About Doug Ford

Ontario seems determined to have a tantrum, to act out in anger against Wynne & the Liberals for both real and imagined insults, and to vote in a majority PC government under Doug Ford, a serial thug.

Thugs lie & make secret deals to enrich themselves and their sponsors.

They are not to be trusted.


This is a guy with a documented past as a drug dealer, as outlined in a major investigative report by the Globe and Mail. (That report has never been refuted or the subject of legal action.)

He was never a buddy in time of need, he was buddy’s source, a purely profit driven arrangement. He ran a serious & sustained illegal commercial activity.

He doesn’t like to be asked questions by free mediahe would rather create his own private, controlled propaganda & disguise it as real journalism.

His Toronto council tag team childishness with his brother should help us understand how having Doug run Ontario with a majority will turn out.

Don’t get scammed!

Doug Ford will transfer public ownership to private profit.

He has shown himself as a bigot, a bully and a dictatorial personality (Michael Harris)

He equates environmentalists with extremists. He has no concern about global warming.


As he blathers on about ‘loving’ everyone, Northern Ontario, the black community, firefighters, first responders, etc…


How did the ‘Salt Of The Earth‘ people get hooked up with the “Salt In The Wound” people?

Click to watch Bill Maher skewer Trump over similar populist scams



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