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Our New Old Pipeline

Continued burning of carbon for electrical energy & transportation will collapse the ability of the biosphere to support a global industrial civilization. If there is a civilized future, it’s not going to be powered by fossil fuels.

The Trudeau government has committed every Canadian citizen to a minimum of $4.5 Billion in financial support of a 65 yr old fossil fuel pipeline & its spills. Bought from Kinder Morgan, it runs from Edmonton, Alberta to BC. A pipeline that Kinder Morgan bought for only $550 Million back in 2007.

The federal government also hopes to construct a new heated & pressurized pipeline along the same ‘right of way’ that would triple the volume of product being transported. The new pipeline would carry unrefined, tar sands dilbit (diluted bitumen), not some variant of crude oil, across mountains & rivers to an suburban coastline tank-farm in an active earthquake zone.

Let’s add at least another $15 billion for the entire expanded package plus ocean cleanup pretensions.

Why? is a fantastic question. Nothing makes sense.

Not economic sense, Not environmental sense, Not social sense, Not political sense.

Canada buys Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline for $4.5 billion — but can we sell it?


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